HORIZON2020 – upPE-T: Case study on Italy

Upcycling of PE & PET waste to generate biodegradable bioplastics for food and drink packing.

D 7.8 Case study on Italy,

Deliverable 7.8 “Case study on Italy” is the second among the three case studies that are being prepared within Task 7.3 of the Work Package 7.

The document contains the analysis of policies and macroeconomic determinants that affect the recycling rate of plastic packaging in Italy, as well as the assessment of possible gender-related aspects and distributional impacts.

Results of the consumer survey, that took place in January 2022, and involved 1500 respondents from Finland, Italy and Serbia, have also been added separtely.

The primary aim of both the Case study on Italy and the Consumer survey, is to serve as inputs for the preparation of the Deliverable 7.10, that would put the three case studies and the consumer survey into the comparative perspective and provide policy recommendations.



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