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Pubblichiamo una interessante proposta di un nostro partner internazionale, per chi vuole partecipare gratuitamente…


Are you interested in travelling to Greece or Germany to meet new people and participate in theatre performance activities about social and political issues, with all expenses covered by the Erasmus+ programme?

Under the Erasmus+ project “Social Theatre for the Active Generation in the EU (ON S.T.A.G.E)”, For Citizens is inviting young people between the ages of 18 and 30  to:

– take part in discussions on social and racial inequality, political engagement and the EU elections in Lisbon, Portugal (January 2024);

– go on an adventure in Greece, where they will perform a puppet show on the previously mentioned topics (March 2024);

– travel to Germany, where they will perform a play on stage on the previously mentioned topics (October 2024).

Project ON S.T.A.G.E. aims to promote the political awareness and engagement, social inclusion and personal development of youth through theatre, with debates, webinars, workshops, theatre sessions and other activities. Participants will receive a Youthpass Certificate.

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